3 Facts for Car Owners to Know About Replacing Spark Plugs


When spark plugs have worn out, they should be replaced with new ones. Spark plugs should be replaced after a given interval depending on the make and model of a car. Check your user manual for when you should replace your spark plugs. Also, different spark plugs have varying longevity. Here are some facts for car owners to know about replacing spark plugs.

Why Should You Replace Spark Plugs? -- When spark plugs begin to wear out, you are likely to notice some changes in your vehicle's performance. Common signs of worn-out spark plugs include rough idling, engine misfiring and hesitation while accelerating. Also, most cars record low fuel mileage when spark plugs begin to deteriorate. Sometimes, your car might refuse to start, which may also point to dead spark plugs. Therefore, routine inspection of spark plugs can help car owners know when it is the right time to replace these devices.

Checking Spark Plugs -- Car owners should know how to read a spark plug, which involves examining the condition and colour of the tip. A brownish or greyish-tan colour on the tip of a spark plug denotes a healthy spark plug. Black soot on electrodes and the insulator tip of a spark plug might point to carbon accumulation. Carbon fouling is caused by many factors including excessive idling, driving at lower speeds or a dirty air filter. Your car mechanic can advise you on whether you need to replace such plugs immediately. An eroded electrode shows that your spark plugs are past their replacement date. Burnt electrodes can be caused by loose spark plugs, an overheating engine and an incorrect air/fuel ratio. Such spark plugs should be replaced immediately. A wet spark plug, on the other hand, might indicate engine flooding. Try cleaning such plugs before considering replacement.

Find the Right Spark Plugs -- Your mechanic can help you to know how many spark plugs your vehicle needs. In most cases, the number of spark plugs is equivalent to the number of engine cylinders. For instance, four-cylinder engines require four plugs. However, you might want to check your car manual or check reputable internet sites to verify such information. Installing the incorrect spark plug can lead to a broken or flattened electrode. Iridium, platinum and yttrium plugs are expensive but very durable due to enhanced wear resistance. Car owners are advised not to downgrade to low-quality spark plugs due to effects such as reduced fuel mileage and shorter service life. When buying new spark plugs, ensure that the gap between electrodes adheres to specifications in the user manual. Have your mechanic inspect new spark plugs to ensure that the gap is correct.


31 August 2020

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