Factors To Consider When Choosing a Car Battery


Car batteries fail at the most unexpected times. It is advisable to replace your car battery every few years. For the proper function of your vehicle, you should choose the most appropriate battery. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing one.

Battery Size and Capacity

When you plan to look for a car battery, you should refer to your vehicle's manual to determine the right size. You are likely to choose the wrong one if you do not get the battery size right. One of the downsides of selecting an inappropriate battery is that it affects the functionality of your car and deteriorates quickly, hence requiring you to buy a new battery in a short duration of time.

Apart from making sure you choose a durable battery; you need to consider a battery's reserve capacity. The amount of time that it can run on its own is called reserve capacity. A good car battery runs on its own for a significant amount of time. Batteries with a high reserve capacity can be convenient when your car's alternator fails or when you leave the lights off for a long time.

Driving Habits

When choosing a car battery, you need to review your driving habits. Consider how often you travel for long distances, what kind of terrain you drive on and whether you make short, recurrent trips. Frequently restarting your car engine and travelling on difficult road terrain can have a significant impact on your batteries. For example, some batteries are best suited for well-maintained roads. Additionally, regular prolonged vibrations can ruin a battery and cause failure.  

If you do not use your car frequently, the long storage period may cause the battery to discharge on its own slowly, and this may drain it to dangerous levels. One way to avoid your battery from slowly discharging is to connect it to a maintainer when it is not in use. Alternatively, you should ensure your car is not dormant for a long time by driving it at least once after a few days.

Batteries are recharged by an alternator while driving. However, if you are driving for short trips, the battery will not be properly recharged. In this case, you need to buy a battery with a high reserve capacity. These batteries have high power in reserve for situations of low charge or when your alternator is ruined.

Reach out to a professional about auto batteries to learn more. 


15 July 2020

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