Are Aftermarket Truck Parts as Good as Genuine OEM Parts?


In the market for truck replacement parts? 

Spare parts purchase is a normal part of truck ownership. However, you should never assume that all truck spare parts are equal.

Truck replacement parts come in two main variants – OEM and aftermarket parts. Generally, OEM parts cost more than their aftermarket alternatives and this has sparked debate among price-savvy truck owners as to whether the former is worth the extra cost.

Before giving your verdict on the debate, read this guide.

Are OEM Spare Parts the Real Deal?

Nobody knows your truck better than the people who built it. Using only OEM parts is the surest way to get your truck back to its original working shape. OEM parts are equal to the original parts that came with your vehicle in every aspect, from performance to reliability to economy. The best part is that these parts come with the manufacturer's warranty. Any part found to have a factory defect can be returned to the manufacturer for replacement. 

As an added bonus, certain OEM parts are available as used parts. Used truck parts are a cost-saving option for truckers who want to enjoy the benefits of OEM parts but can't afford to buy them new.

If you're looking for spare parts that are guaranteed for your truck, look no further than OEM parts.

Are Aftermarket Spare Parts Better OEM Alternatives?

You can't find aftermarket parts being sold at auto wrecking yards, auto salvage yards, or other used auto parts outlets. These parts are available in the market only as brand new goodies.

Aftermarket parts are a great bargain for truck owners that are looking to buy new spare parts without paying the full price of new genuine OEM parts. While they may be compatible with your vehicle, they may not always match the reliable performance that original OEM parts provide. Why is that?

Well, manufacturers of aftermarket parts don't know your truck as well as your truck manufacturer does. Hence, they may not create products that are optimised for your vehicle.

Getting quality replacement parts is essential to keep your truck running at its peak. For the best vehicle performance, go for genuine OEM parts. These parts are made with your specific truck brand and model in mind, so they won't disappoint. But if you're concerned about price, aftermarket parts may also work well, as long as they're compatible with your truck. Whether you need genuine or aftermarket parts for your truck, feel free to contact the experts at a local auto parts supplier for advice. 


29 April 2020

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