Does your car need servicing?


If you have a car which is still under warranty, then you might think that in order to get your logbook stamped, you need to return it to the dealer where you bought it for servicing if you want to maintain the warranty and the resale value. While the dealer will, of course, be happy to service your car, that is rarely going to be your cheapest option. In addition to the dealer, logbook servicing is also available from approved mechanics. Here are three reasons to choose an approved mechanic rather than returning your car to the dealer where you purchased it.

Approved mechanics have the right experience

Your car dealer will know how to service your car, but they aren't the only people with that knowledge. Approved mechanics also have a detailed understanding of what is involved in logbook servicing and how to service your car according to the manufacturers' specifications. They know that manufacturers like to have their vehicles serviced in a certain way and according to a set schedule, and they are able to provide that level of service. They can meet all of the required logbook criteria, and they have the experience to service your car, stamp your logbook and fill in the related paperwork just as your car dealer can.

Approved mechanics are cheaper than your dealer

The cost of car servicing can be a huge drain on your finances. When most people take your car into the dealers for a logbook service, they know that the cost is going to be high, but it doesn't have to be that way. An approved mechanic will be able to do the same job for a much lower cost. Why pay more than you need to keep your car's warranty intact?

Approved mechanics use the right parts

One of the reasons that so many people like to take their car back to the dealer for logbook servicing is that they think that their car will be fitted with original parts supplied by the manufacturer. Fitting original parts will certainly help the performance of your vehicle, but your dealer isn't the only one who can do that. A mechanic who has been approved by your manufacturer will be able to fit original parts on your car to the same standard and compliance levels as your dealer, and they will be able to charge you less for doing it.


20 February 2020

Picking Out Auto Parts

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