Commercial Truck Maintenance: Three Important Tips on Replacing Small Components


Proper maintenance of a commercial truck will demand the replacement of critical auto components. Most of these important parts are prominent in the vehicle, so it is easy to remember to maintain, clean and replace them. For instance, it would be difficult to overlook the importance of changing brake pads or worn-out tyres. Unfortunately, there are small parts which are often forgotten. For example, filters, gaskets and hoses are not maintained on a regular basis in a lot of trucks. This leads to a decline in performance and even eventual breakdowns. Here are some simple tips to remember for effective replacement of small truck parts.

Conduct Inspections

You should check on the condition of minor truck components regularly. In simple terms, your inspections should not be limited to only the major systems. This will help you identify signs of wear early and conduct a timely replacement. For instance, components made from rubber, such as hoses, tend to become hardened over time. This causes the hose to become brittle and more prone to damage and leakage. Therefore, you should check on the units in your vehicle while assessing the core components to which they are connected. Replace them as soon as possible to prevent failure.  

Replace After Servicing

It is advisable to replace some of the small components in your commercial truck after conducting the regular recommended maintenance. In general, when servicing your vehicle, you might need to dismantle certain systems for upkeep. This will involve the removal of parts like gaskets. If you take out components like connectors and seals, you should avoid using the same items again. Often, these parts will fall out of form once they are taken out of their vehicle. Therefore, it will be difficult to achieve the same level of performance after the change. Replacing the old units with new products will improve the function and efficiency of the automobile systems.

Stock Up on Parts

The replacement of small parts in commercial trucks will be tiresome if you have to purchase a new product every time one is needed. Most of these components will need to be changed after a short period of time. For instance, fluid and air filters must be constantly changed to maintain the optimal level of flow. Therefore, if you would like to make the maintenance processes simple, you should consider stocking up on these parts. When a change is needed, you will only need to visit the warehouse instead of spending time finding the right truck parts.

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3 February 2020

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