Four Essential Guidelines for Creating a Customised Turbo Kit


If you are planning on boosting your vehicle's horsepower, you should consider building a customised turbo kit. In the recent past, there has been a high demand for turbochargers for most vehicles. Therefore, if you are on the market for a good product, you will find a range of turbo kits to match diverse vehicles, needs and budgets. However, if you cannot find a good unit for your car or would like to maximise efficiency, a custom system might be the best choice. Here are essential guidelines to keep in mind for an ideal personalised turbo kit.

Acquire a Turbocharger

When building a turbo kit, you must acquire the perfect turbocharger for your needs. The choice of this component will determine the performance of your vehicle after installation. There is a range of products to consider, so you should be keen when evaluating the specifications of the suitable options. The critical factors that you must take into account before purchase are desired horsepower, sizing, housing quality and airflow efficiency. It is also worthwhile to compare different brands and consumer feedback for a quality product.

Plan for Cooling

The turbocharger will run hot while operating to boost the engine horsepower. Therefore, proper cooling is indispensable for a functional custom kit. There are different intercooler systems available for managing the turbo temperature. The right choice will depend on your preference. In most cases, people opt to acquire an intercooler system with attached piping from aftermarket suppliers. However, you can choose a radiator without pipes and have the piping manufactured by a specialist for perfect compatibility with your vehicle.

Consider the Wastegate

It is important to understand your wastegate options when building a turbo kit for your vehicle. This component is essential for the durability and exceptional performance of the unit. There are two different forms of the wastegate for turbo kits: internal and external. As implied, the internal component is incorporated into the turbocharger. This is the most convenient choice if you would like a simple and compact kit. However, if your chosen turbo has no internal unit, you will need to acquire one from your auto accessories dealer.

Purchase Supporting Parts

Finally, you will need to acquire the component which will be needed to connect your turbo to your vehicle and ensure good performance. These components include the air filters, coolant pipes, oil lines, exhaust manifolds and downpipes. You will find these in universal sizes, minimising the difficulty in selection. If you are uncertain about your choices, consult a speciality turbo dealer. 

If you are ready to buy turbo kits, contact an auto parts dealer in your area.


29 January 2020

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